As a new endeavor, Wayne Harris is taking his talents and performances into schools and youth organizations. Having worked with Bay Area educators as well as various theater artists, he has developed stories and improvisation workshops that will allow students to experience the power of storytelling, family history and performance. 



“The John Henry Chronicles”- is a rich collection of traditional and new stories about our most famous African-American folk hero. These stories will delight your students with tales of courage, hope and history. This presentation is tied closely to a standards based curriculum for Language Arts 
  “Banana Pudding”- is a series of stories based on growing up in St. Louis. Mo. during the civil rights movement, Humorous and poignant, these stories speak to the universal values of family, faith and social justice while leaving your students enthused, empowered and inspired. 
  “ Martin Luther King: Letter from A Birmingham Jail” -is a powerful performance of the actual letter written by the civil rights leader during his imprisonment in Alabama. This piece allows for exploration into the influences of Ghandi, Socrates, Thomas Jefferson and others on King’s philosophy of “non-violent” confrontation.  

Improvisation Workshops

  “Hey, Let me tell it!”- introduces students to the magical world of storytelling, including the basics of creating characters, a story and how to “tell it”
  “Theatre Games” – this workshop is geared toward classes and performing groups of all kinds. Utilizing the techniques and games created by Viola Spolin of the famous “Second City” Theater in Chicago, the workshop promotes teamwork, trust, character exploration and development while encouraging a student’s imagination and creativity.